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Specialized in the business of typical Sicilian products

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Sicilia e Sapori Ltd is a company specialized in the business of typical Sicilian products.

The Company's headquarters is located in central London, export market and European trade, but our real business is conducted in Sicily through our operators in the area in close contact with the Sicilian companies, directly managing the export of the product until its delivery.

Sicilia e Sapori exports a wide range of Sicilian specialties, from sweet to salted from wine to alcholic; always respect the choice of products to meet the needs of the consumer. Appreciating the simplicity, the genuine ingredients and

traditional recipes of Sicilian culture, creating a strong and indissoluble link between traditional products and territory; making known to visitors as good food could become culture, when you produce,  when you prepare, when you consume and how it can become a source of identity and a vehicle for exchanges between peoples,

just as it has always been our Sicily.

We rely to you in asking you to comment on our products and tell us everything you deem appropriate, because you would like to add more products on the site, because there is something that you don't like , why would you like to give us some advice, in short, anything ... . We will appreciate it very much! THANK YOU

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