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 The benefits of Almonds and Almond Milk

Almonds are oily seeds rich in beneficial properties. The almond, whose scientific name is Prunus dulci, is the edible seed of the Almond, a plant belonging to the Rosaceae family. The plant is about five meters high and the almonds are enclosed in a protective shell of a woody nature. Originally from Asia, the Almond was then imported into Sicily first and throughout the Mediterranean then by the Phoenicians. Recognized as a typical product of Sicilian lands, the almond is included among the Agro-food products of the Italian tradition (P.A.T.).
Perhaps not everyone knows that it has very ancient origins, produced even in medieval times in Sicilian monasteries and widespread, even today, throughout the entire peninsula. Almond milk is not only good in the kitchen, where it can be used for the preparation of numerous recipes as well as drunk natural, but also in cosmetics, it is in fact a very widely used ingredient for making creams, make-up removers and shampoos.
Almonds, so rich in properties, are among the queens of dried fruit, bringing many benefits to the body as well as delighting the palate.

Here is the list of properties and main benefits of almond milk:

    It has cellular anti-aging properties due to the presence of vitamin E, fat-soluble and antioxidant.
    It is useful for the eyes thanks to the rich content of vitamin A.
    Thanks to the high content of natural fiber it protects the intestinal walls and favors their correct functioning.
    The presence of omega-6 linoleic acid, the low amount of saturated fat and cholesterol, contribute to making almond milk excellent for regulating the absorption of sugars by controlling cholesterol levels in the blood.
    Easy to digest, it is perfect for those with lactose intolerance, and having a high potassium content, it is recommended for those who have low levels of it.
    The vitamin B2 contained in it strengthens nails and hair, and at the same time moisturizes the skin.
    It is an ally of bones because it contains a lot of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D, which contribute to their correct development, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
    It has anti-diabetic properties but only if it is not enriched with added sugars.
    It has slimming properties because it has a low calorie content, as long as it is not sweetened.

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